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Technical information

Last update: 28.11.13


Two technicians will tour with the company to liaise with the in-house technical staff


The set

The set includes:

  • 4 chairs for the musicians (theorbo, bass recorder, viola da gamba, countertenor)
  • Free standing projection screen
  • Please note: a Haze machine will be used in the production (provided by Sound Affairs)



  • Sound Affairs will tour its own projector, computer and related control equipment. The projection will be from the front and the available lenses means that the ideal position for the projector will be between 11m and 18m of the screen.
  • Please provide 13 amp power to the projector position
  • We can either project onto a back wall if suitable, or we will provide a free-standing screen.
  • Video will be run via a CAT 5 cable between control and the projector
  • Sound affairs will tour appropriate rigging equipment for the projector


Sound design

Apart from the live musicians on stage, there will be two pre-recorded music ensembles:
1        a choir which will be heard from speakers at the back of the stage behind the live musicians
2        a brass ensemble sounding from speakers at the back of the auditorium behind the audience

The five live musicians will interact with the choir and brass ensemble using digital technology.


Sound equipment

  • Sound Affairs will tour all sound equipment required for this performance
  • Where possible a central control position will be required and will need to be big enough to accommodate a 16 channel digital desk and computer equipment for the projection
  • Two speakers will be placed upstage of the set and two will be placed at the back of the auditorium to create ‘surround sound’ image
  • A small multicore will need to be run from control position to stage


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